CrossFit Box Dilemma for the Average Dad.

CrossFit Box Dilemma for the Average Dad.

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Father’s Day has crept up on us again. Where is dad? Probably sitting on the couch enjoying his favorite baseball game on the tube, drinking a coke, gobbling down some slices of pizza. He is not thinking about much because the game is on. This has been his nightly ritual during baseball season. Go KC Royals!

Father’s Day? Dad isn’t worried, he has it already planned out, because today he knows he will get up, drink his morning coffee, catch a sermon on how great Father’s are to the family and then head home for his beloved BBQ. It’s simple for him, Father’s Day you BBQ. Secretly, there is only one thing that has really been bugging him. Though he doesn’t want to think about it. The question is, what happened to his fitness? He used to have goals. He hates the bulge that was beginning to slip out of the folds of his favorite T-shirt and last time he went down in the basement to grab a box of stuff, he came back up feeling breathless. He needs to get back in shape, but where? How? He always gets a gym membership right after New Years every year, but finds himself fading out after May. He knows he needs to stick with it, but it becomes mundane and repetitive. He would love to have a workout buddy but not everyone likes working out.

The children arrived at his home right on time and they went out to the deck to take in the smells of Dad’s yummy steak sizzling on the grill. He noticed when they came in the door that they were holding a small box. Later, after the meal was finished, they brought it out to him. He slowly opened the card first and saw that they had bought him a year membership to the local CrossFit gym. Wow! He was excited. Furthermore, in the card, it explained the benefits of CrossFit:


CrossFit has many benefits. The greatest things are that:

-Short W.O.Ds (Workout of the Day)
-Personal Coaching

Your Kids

Happy Father’s Day!!

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