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Man in red qualified for Regionals without ever stepping into a CrossFit box.

Robby McCord at CrossFit Regionals

Picture this: A basement, a booth, a passion for fitness and a fitness competitor for a wife. What do all these have in common? CrossFit! Robby McCord was an athlete looking for something new to challenge him. He attended a fitness competition, which his wife was a fitness competitor in the competition, and he came across a CrossFit booth. This spiked his interest and he began to research different WODs (Workout Of The Day) and began to train himself in his basement and backyard. Soon, he was thinking about trying out for the CrossFit Regionals.

Regional Competition is held over the course of three days, Robby would have to perform brutal events that test the range and depth of his capabilities. While the Open is for everyone, the Regionals are not. Few people can perform the regional events as prescribed, and even fewer can complete them at close to the pace of the competitors. Only twenty men and twenty women, from Canada and North America, are able to advance to the games.

Robby competed in the CrossFit Open in 2013, just 4 months after discovering CrossFit. He finished in the CrossFit Open in 101st place. He trained diligently for the 2014 CrossFit Open and Qualified for the CrossFit Regional Games in Chicago. Now, Robby McCord’s main pursuit and passion has shifted to training others in CrossFit. He loves seeing the joy and life changes that CrossFit brings to his clients and his team! His future endeavor, for himself, is to compete again in the Regionals.

In 2014, he was injured and at the time was getting physical therapy at the Boost facility in Lees Summit. He was presented the opportunity to become an owner of a CrossFit box and DoWork was born. He is currently the lead fitness coach at DoWork CrossFit. Though he plans to push forward into being a CrossFit fitness competitor, he uses his passion to fuel others understanding of proper form and ascertaining their personal fitness goals. DoWork is created not just for athletes, but with the belief that everyone can come, train and excel. Please come and meet Robby at our Grand Opening – August 8th!

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