CrossFit vs. Lee's Summit Gyms

CrossFit vs. Lee’s Summit Gyms

Lee's Summit Gyms

5 am; It’s a typical morning, like any other. The alarm goes off and you roll out of bed. It’s time to work out again. You get ready, jump in the car, slurp down some hot coffee, and head to the gym. Once again, you head straight for the weights and then finish up on the cardio machines. It feels repetitive and there is no encouragement and very little motivation. This is the typical gym experience for most people. After going through the motions for a while, they get tired of working out alone or doing the same old exercise routines. Or, if you are like me, working out on the cardio machine, while watching HGTV, was not producing the results I had desired. In the end, people stop going to the gym or just continue to feel unsatisfied.

Lee’s Summit gyms offer a lot of great benefits. Some of them have childcare, 24 hour access, discounts for senior citizens, private showers and you can hang out on their machines as long as you like. I used to enjoy it. I would spend a couple hours (of my day, at least) three times a week, trying different machines, taking the different types of classes that were offered and working out with others. Sometimes, I would make new acquaintances sitting and drinking the free coffee offered at the gym. I got results, but I was wasting a lot of time getting them because I didn’t know what I was doing and in reality, I wasn’t becoming more healthy. I just found a way to burn more calories than I consumed, which wasn’t much! (Hint: Did you know that you can eat a dozen brownies and as long as you still have your calorie deficit for the day, you will lose weight?! Gross! There is no nutrition, but you could if you wanted to!)

The difference between CrossFit and the Lee’s Summit gyms is that CrossFit offers a quick in and out approach where everyday you will get challenged to push yourself to be better and do more. It can’t get boring as you always can improve and go further with it.  CrossFit is a sport; a community of people engaged in the same activities, who encourage you, clap for you and pat you on the back when you’re doing good. You have your own program specially designed but are still doing what everyone else is doing and but with the help of a trainer. It’s all about the Community and although most WODs (Workouts of the Day) are done in 15-20 minutes, you’ve still burned a ton of calories and got a great workout in.

So, to sum it all up, the differences between CrossFit and Lee’s Summit gyms are community, agility training, personal trainers, quick but superior workouts, its addictive, and last but not least, you WILL see results rather quickly. It will be worth all your effort. Check out Do Work CrossFit and see what you think. We offer free a session at 9 am on Saturday mornings. See you soon!

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