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Eat More to Stay Lean

Stay Lean

“Dieting” has been a trend for a long time. Glamour magazine dates diets back to the 1930s and 40s, describing the various diet trends that were in force back then. Smoking was one of the first diet crazes. In the 1950s, we resorted to prayer! One of the best sellers of that era was, “The Devil Wants Me Fat.”

Today, we have a formed a belief that to get lean and stay lean, we need to consume only low-fat or no-fat products and keep our calories almost non-existent. The less you eat the more you stay lean, right? Wrong! To get lean and stay lean, you actually have to eat more. The keys are a high protein lifestyle and having a healthy metabolism that can release energy, burn fat, but not lose muscle.

What about my metabolism? Why is it important to stay lean? Your metabolism coverts what you eat and drink into energy. It uses calories combined with oxygen to release energy. Metabolic health is very important to stay lean and has to do with all your body’s functions: how your cells use energy, your digestive health and how it works, your quality of sleep, energy levels, moods, etc… Identifying what stresses your metabolism (example: stress hormones) can help you eliminate and nourish your metabolism.

Protein fits into this picture as it is essential for the overall health of the human body and can even affect the way it functions. Some of our organs and hormones are made up of some amounts of protein. In order to function properly and have a healthy body and life, we need to consume the right amount of protein. This applies whether you are losing fat, building muscle, or just being healthy.

“Healthy” is the new diet. This means never starving. You have to eat yourself to health. Eating enough of the right foods and working out will cause you to naturally stay lean. Your stomach is not a waste basket so be careful what you put in your body, but also be careful not to leave too much out of it. Stay lean!

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