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Fear Factor: 6 Misconceptions of CrossFit

Do Work CrossFit Box of Lees Summit

#1 CrossFit is only for in-shape folks.

Most people seem to believe that you need to be in shape before you start CrossFit. Who gets in shape to get in shape? The purpose of the sport is “to get in shape.” Do Work CrossFit box of Lees Summit has it formulated so that when you first start out, you start out very light. You start out by lifting a pvc pipe in order to learn the proper form and lifting technique. They want to help you protect yourself against injury and slowly build up your strength. The ultimate goal is to constantly challenge yourself to lift more and push yourself past your stopping point.

#2 CrossFit will eventually lead to injuries.

 The experts from Do Work CrossFit box of Lees Summit say that a proper coaching method is what is needed to protect against injury. They believe their purpose is to train each individual to have proper form. Like with any exercise, if you don’t do it properly it will result in injury either now or in the future. With the proper form, you can reap the benefits without all the pain.

#3 CrossFit is a cult.

A cult is defined as a religious group. CrossFit is a culture and style of lifting weights. Since when did a sport become a cult? CrossFitters just workout together and encourage each other to meet personal workout goals. It helps to have someone to encourage you to train strong.

#4 CrossFit makes woman bulky.

 Woman are most likely to get bulky from over-eating or steriods, not from exercising. The only reason a woman might bulk up while lifting is if they eat a surplus of calories (more than they burn in a day) and then go lift. The other reason has to do with ignoring the importance of stretching. Stretching will ensure less injury, relieve stress and elongate your muscles, which in turn protect them from bulking. You cannot bulk up by simply lifting weights. You have to really want to bulk or have no clue what you are doing, in which there are trainers with the Do Work CrossFit box of Lees Summit who will make sure you are on task and safely accomplishing your own goals.

#5 CrossFit is only for very competitive athletes.

Sound the ‘X’ buzzer – Thank you. CrossFit boxes across America are full of people who just want to be capable, fit and healthy. The “Organic Movement” started back in the 1900s and has slowly evolved into people getting free from all chemical products. This desire to be healthy has moved into the realm of exercise and though many forms of exercise have become a trend, CrossFit has become a sport, culture, style and way of life. CrossFit also a lot of times evolves into eating “clean” and watching your diet. The reason being, it’s nice to reap all the benefits of the hard work you put in.

#6 It is too much work. I like to get in and out of the gym.

CrossFit is not about comfort, it’s about working but it usually only consists of a 15 minute WOD (workout of the day) that is based on what you can handle. It is high-intensity but quick and very efficient. Everyone does the same WOD, but at different levels of weights and ability. Anything can be adjusted to meet your needs or abilities. It is proven that 2 hours in the gym doesn’t compensate for a solid 15 minutes of high  intensity workouts. This is actually all that is needed to see results: both in building muscle and weightloss.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”



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