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Why CrossFit is a Fit for Everyone

Why CrossFit is for Everyone

What is the first thing that comes to mind when people think CrossFit? We all think, “What is it?” We’ve all thought it at one point. CrossFit is an intense exercise program that takes advantage of¬†different forms of exercise and groups them together to create one program. Such as, plyometric jumps, Olympic lifts using kettle bells, sandbags, suspension systems or water-filled implements, as well as the traditional weights. You do these exercises in a very quick, repetitive, efficient style. Why CrossFit is a fit for everyone? CrossFit is not only a style of working out, it is a sport and a culture. A culture formed by many people from all walks of life. It can benefit every age and body build. The results are out of this world.

Most people would think immediately after reading this description, that CrossFit would be only for elite athletes or workout enthusiasts. Wrong! CrossFit is a fit for everyone. Why you ask? Ok, ask yourself these questions: Who doesn’t want to be in shape? Who wouldn’t want to be healthy, if given the choice? Who doesn’t want to meet people and have a good healthy social life? Isn’t that why a lot of people try online dating, speed dating, Church events and the bar scene on the weekend? Just trying to connect? Name one person who doesn’t like to have any challenges or adventure in life? Everyone, no matter what walk of life, no matter how old likes to still have a place to fit in and wants to continue to grow and change. If you don’t, then you stand still and life stops. We were made for change!

There are at least 10 things that will change when you start doing CrossFit which proves that CrossFit is a fit for everyone:

  1. You’ll learn how mentally weak you are.
  2. You will learn where you are mentally strong.
  3. You’ll definitely notice a your energy level increasing.
  4. You will begin to respect endurance and stamina, what it offers.
  5. You’ll get insanely good at counting.
  6. You’ll find out how truly out of shape you are.
  7. You’ll come to realize how fat you and other regular people are compared to real athletes and what it takes to get where they are at.
  8. Friends and family will start giving you all the warnings and negatives found online
  9. You’ll never get bored again. WODs change daily and offer continual change up and challenge.
  10. You’ll see results within 3-4 months of consistency whether you are young or old, short of tall, skinny or overweight. (There isn’t one person that can name that wouldn’t love to see positive results and changes to their body!)

Interested in speed-dating? Speed date with CrossFit? Try it out once and see how you like it. Want to hang out at the bar? CrossFit has a bar. Pick it up and do some movement. You’ll still meet lots of people but your life will change forever! Let the good times roll!

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