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Head Start Fitness

When you are researching Lee’s Summit fitness groups, don’t forget to Google ‘Do Work' Crossfit in Lee’s Summit.

Ecclesiastes 3, in the Bible, talks about that there is a “time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” It gives many examples of the checks and balances of time. This time of year, we are coming up through the holidays when people eat a lot of food and socialize with their family and friends. We tend to cut down on exercise and then launch it off again along with the fireworks of the upcoming New Year. As with everything else, with fitness, there is a time to start. When is a good time to start? What about a head start on fitness? What about now?

Let’s not wait for the New Year’s resolution that we all make. Those normally fail, as they are based on the expectation of the grace of it being a new year and the guilt of the lack of exercise but great intake of food that we just left behind during the holidays. Am I right? Of course! New Year’s resolutions made out of guilt and the hype of it being a new year will not succeed. As always, a resolution must be a resolution made with intent, with purpose and with great determination. One must have a plan and the steps in order to fulfill it. To make a resolution solely for the sake of resolution is to fail before you’ve even started. A true plan has steps, goals and a vision. A vision must be carried out by following the steps.

To prove my point, statistics show that of the 40% of Americans who make a New Year’s resolution, only 8% achieve their goals. Wow! That is a very low percentage, less than a fourth of the one’s that resolute actually make it. So how do we keep our resolution? We need a game plan.

Here is a thought. Let’s get started before the New Year! What if we get motivated out of our need for fitness instead of the time of the year? What if you could actually drop ten pounds or lose three inches before the New Year?! Wow, now that is a thought. Lee’s Summit fitness experts, Robby and Melanie McCord with Do Work Crossfit, would like to extend the challenge to get a head start on fitness. Kickoff meeting your goals before the New Year and see how far you can get before January 1st, 2016.   There are a lot of Lee’s Summit fitness groups. Crossfit is the way to go in gaining quick results, building your strength and joining a community who believes in supporting and encouraging one another. In the world of fitness, everyone has to start somewhere and it’s good to have support as you begin and move along on your own personal journey for health. When you are researching Lee’s Summit fitness groups, don’t forget to Google ‘Do Work Crossfit’ in Lee’s Summit. They have a great team of trainers willing to sacrifice their time and energy to make sure that you succeed at your goals and are motivated to accomplish your resolution. Make a resolution, but don’t wait till the New Year. Now is the time for change!

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