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Tips to Meet your New Year’s Resolution

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You’ve made a New Year’s resolution every year and there hasn’t been one time you can remember that you actually accomplished it, for example like joining a Lee’s Summit gym. You are thinking, “should I even make one this year?” The answer? Yes, you should! Not only should you make one, but you should think about how to follow through and make a plan to make it happen. Anytime we set a goal, we have to determine our steps and make a plan to reach that goal. Here are some tips from Do Work, your local Lee’s Summit gym that might help this year be the first year you accomplish your resolution.

  1. Be Realistic

Don’t set expectations that are too high for you to actually achieve. Making a goal unattainable is the fastest way to not only fall short of your goal, but feel defeated in it.

  1. Plan Ahead

Start thinking, ahead of time, about what you would like to accomplish in the New Year. Don’t lean in for a kiss, under the mistletoe, and then decide, in a matter of minutes, what you will resolute. Last minute decisions are rarely good and hardly ever stick.

  1. Choose “Meaningful” Resolutions

When you are thinking about a resolution, get to the “heart of the matter.” You do this by choosing something that holds value and has meaning for you. Are you overweight and have a dress you’d like to fit in for your anniversary? Would you like to just feel healthier or better about yourself during this next year? These are meaningful and can help fuel a resolution putting motivation behind it. These kind of resolutions will last when things get tough.

  1. Outline A Plan

Come with a solid plan to help you deal with all the excuses that you know will arise. What will you do when someone offers you a huge piece of your beloved chocolate cake?  What about the temptation to skip an exercise class? Consistency is the key to success. Make a plan to keep everything going in the direction you have chosen to follow.

  1. Share

Let other in on your plan. Your friends and family, that are closest to you, can be very helpful in the area of support. It’s very hard to change habits, so having those around us hold us accountable or just encourage us is very useful in accomplishing our goals. If you keep it a secret, no one will know and be able to offer support. Sometimes joining a Lee’s Summit gym to hold you accountable might be the way to go.

  1. Reward Yourself

Last, but not at all least, we have a reward. Along the path, you need to have mini goals and then rewards for yourself when you hit those goals. At the very end, make sure you have something that will be a big reward for reaching that final goal. This is always great for just patting yourself on the back for a job well done.


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