Robby McCord

Level 1 CrossFit Certified

Robby loves to do the work at Do Work – Lees Summit CrossFit gym. He knows what it means to work hard. He played sports all through high school and on into College career. Due to a shoulder injury, his college baseball career was cut short. This left him searching for a new competitive outlet. He dabbled in archery, golf, running and power-lifting. It wasn’t until he discovered CrossFit , that he found his true passion. CrossFit met his need for competitive sports.

Robby competed in the CrossFit Open in 2013, just 4 months after discovering CrossFit. He finished in the CrossFit Open in 101st place. He trained diligently for the 2014 CrossFit Open and Qualified for The CrossFit Regional Games in Chicago. Now, Robby’s pursuit and passion has shifted to training others in CrossFit. He loves seeing the joy and life changes that CrossFit brings to his clients and team!